Twinkle-Stah the Diva Queen (queenflambe) wrote in kitschdollies,
Twinkle-Stah the Diva Queen

'Cause nobody else is going to post, now are they?

I am: Twinkle, but, er...Samienne, if you want the real name...
I love: Norie and our kids...*blushes*
I hate: Maria and homophobes.
I fear: Losing what I have.
I hope: Things continue to be perfect.
I hear: Dorian laughing hysterically in the next*giggles*.
I crave: lollipops.
I regret: so much...*sighs a little*.
I cry: a LOT.
I care: very deeply for Norie...
I always: wear my hair down.
I believe: in my cherubim.
I feel alone: hardly ever.
I listen: to Norie 'aHA'ing every night...muahaha. *grins*.
I hide: in the tree...but...I always fall out.
I drive: Norie crazy.
I sing: for a living, or I..did...
I dance: and it embaresses everyone around me.
I write: poetry, but it's secret.
I play: with Norie *grins deviously*.
I miss: my mum, sometimes.
I learn: about angels from our book.
I feel: chunky...*mutters*.
I know: I am *laughs*.
I say: 'i love you' to Norie a lot, but I do mean it.
I succeed: in being a freak.
I dream: of the most strange things, like...pencils trying to get me.
I wonder: a lot about my Estrella...
I want: to fuck Norie. *laughs*
I have: sex!
I give: gifts to my family a lot...or...I used to.
I fell: in love. I'm so cliche.
I fight: with people then regret it a lot afterwards, often.
I need: a cuddle from Norie now...
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