Twinkle-Stah the Diva Queen (queenflambe) wrote in kitschdollies,
Twinkle-Stah the Diva Queen


Indigo Kitsch

Walk in and feel your soul be
swallowed up whole,
as you enter this wonderland
of the weird and the wacky.
Watch your step in this
incense-scented web,
this shrine to all that's cheap and tacky.

There's a flamingo on a shelf,
ceramic cats lined up on the telly,
some of the artwork turns your legs
to jelly,
What could have been going through her mind
when she bought those?
One look at the posters makes you feel

A disco ball or two hangs down from the ceiling,
and down from the walls a figure is leering,
a porcelain doll, it's head is cracked,
up against the wall, a cat that's painted black,
carries music in it's belly and evil in it's soul,
stares right at you with it's two eyes of coal.

There's many a mobile hanging in the indigo room,
one of a pig, one of dolphins, one of cats,
and something hanging from the ceiling--is that a bat?!
Good God, it is!
But it's only a toy.
This room is strange,
yet it's owner is coy.

Cards with 'I Love You', another reading 'Bitch',
could only be found in this room of Indigo Kitsch,
and stickers on the walls, and on the door,
if you counted there'd be one hundred, or more.

What a waste,
What a tip,
It's small- but what a trip!
What a land,
Anything but bland,
Get out!
Get out!
Get a grip.

Trying to revive my poor community...
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