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kitschdollies's Journal

I live in my own head...
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Welcome to Kitschdollies, created & launched on the 13th April, 2003, a community whose name is quite strange but I like it anyway.

It's a community for glitter boys and girls to flock together and post their artwork, stories, poetry, photography, or mabye even tell us a bit about themselves or their characters, posting character surveys and such...

For it's always good to live in one's head and retreat to our own little fantasy worlds...often, they're filled with so much more sparkle...


This is a community for those people who are artists or writers yet have felt slightly singled out as their styles do not seem to fit a specific genre... well don't fear! 'Cause at this community, you're welcome.

So, enjoy yourself here...

People who are at the following online art/poetry/etc archives are encouraged to join!:-
side 7

People with unique styles of art, and especially those that draw people without resorting to Disney or Anime are encouraged!

Constructive critasism is allowed, but no FLAMING!

Sorry! This is not really intended to be a community for artists/writers who deal with the 'furry' or 'anthro' genre! There are plenty of other communities out there for that style of art. (Try VCL for furry...)

Art Trades/Requests/Commissions are allowed to be organised here!

and surprise pictures always go down a treat!

Be nice! We don't bite...er, I hope.


I also maintain...
theroombelow (with bird too, of course!)