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I live in my own head...'s Journal

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
9:19 pm


Ok, that SUCKED.

My window WAS ONE STEP AWAY from having submitted by Deviantions when POOF, MY WINDOW DISAPPEARS. It doesn't say, "you've performed an illegal operation, go have gay monkey sex." Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, it just GOES FUCKING POOF.

DA, you are a poofter.

current mood: aggravated

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Sunday, April 27th, 2003
3:13 am - Well this place is dead...

...so SOD IT.
I'm never making another community again.
What's the point?!

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Thursday, April 17th, 2003
9:14 pm - Poetry.

Indigo Kitsch

Walk in and feel your soul be
swallowed up whole,
as you enter this wonderland
of the weird and the wacky.
Watch your step in this
incense-scented web,
this shrine to all that's cheap and tacky.

There's a flamingo on a shelf,
ceramic cats lined up on the telly,
some of the artwork turns your legs
to jelly,
What could have been going through her mind
when she bought those?
One look at the posters makes you feel

A disco ball or two hangs down from the ceiling,
and down from the walls a figure is leering,
a porcelain doll, it's head is cracked,
up against the wall, a cat that's painted black,
carries music in it's belly and evil in it's soul,
stares right at you with it's two eyes of coal.

There's many a mobile hanging in the indigo room,
one of a pig, one of dolphins, one of cats,
and something hanging from the ceiling--is that a bat?!
Good God, it is!
But it's only a toy.
This room is strange,
yet it's owner is coy.

Cards with 'I Love You', another reading 'Bitch',
could only be found in this room of Indigo Kitsch,
and stickers on the walls, and on the door,
if you counted there'd be one hundred, or more.

What a waste,
What a tip,
It's small- but what a trip!
What a land,
Anything but bland,
Get out!
Get out!
Get a grip.

Trying to revive my poor community...

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Monday, April 14th, 2003
5:42 pm - 'Cause nobody else is going to post, now are they?

I am: Twinkle, but, er...Samienne, if you want the real name...
I love: Norie and our kids...*blushes*
I hate: Maria and homophobes.
I fear: Losing what I have.
I hope: Things continue to be perfect.
I hear: Dorian laughing hysterically in the next room..er...k...*giggles*.
I crave: lollipops.
I regret: so much...*sighs a little*.
I cry: a LOT.
I care: very deeply for Norie...
I always: wear my hair down.
I believe: in my cherubim.
I feel alone: hardly ever.
I listen: to Norie 'aHA'ing every night...muahaha. *grins*.
I hide: in the tree...but...I always fall out.
I drive: Norie crazy.
I sing: for a living, or I..did...
I dance: and it embaresses everyone around me.
I write: poetry, but it's secret.
I play: with Norie *grins deviously*.
I miss: my mum, sometimes.
I learn: about angels from our book.
I feel: chunky...*mutters*.
I know: I am *laughs*.
I say: 'i love you' to Norie a lot, but I do mean it.
I succeed: in being a freak.
I dream: of the most strange things, like...pencils trying to get me.
I wonder: a lot about my Estrella...
I want: to fuck Norie. *laughs*
I have: sex!
I give: gifts to my family a lot...or...I used to.
I fell: in love. I'm so cliche.
I fight: with people then regret it a lot afterwards, often.
I need: a cuddle from Norie now...

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3:46 am - Yeah baby.
chibibumpkins I'm rachel and I draw.
things like this but sometimes I draw things like this see, it all depends! :D)

current mood: kool

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Sunday, April 13th, 2003
4:31 pm - Well, I'll get the ball rolling then, eh?

May as well, nobody else is going to.

I like this picture, sort of proud of how it turned out. It's all blue and sparkly.

Feel free to JOIN and post your own artwork, please!

current mood: good

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3:25 am - Welcome to my little community...

Hello glitter boys and girls!

This is the place for all you little New Romantics in hiding, dodge artists (all...two of us...*L*) and those with inner personalities just waiting to burst out...

Twinkle- *ahem* Hello!


Ohh, shut up. It'll be fun.


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